Friday, June 02, 2006

Hello From Gidget

My name is Gidget. First off let me just say that 99% of everything that Duke says is BS. So remember to always take his commentary with a grain of salt. You see, I am the sweet one in the family and Duke is the rambunctious trouble maker. My favorite things are cuddling with a human (pretty much any human will do), eating, and going to Doggie Daycare. Duke's favorite things are eating, chewing on shoes, and antagonizing me. He is extremely adept at the latter as you will surely see. Be sure to check back often to find out what kind of trouble he is getting into, and to see just how cute a pug can be. A FAWN pug that is ....
Pug Hugs & Sloppy Kisses~Gidget


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