Sunday, October 25, 2009

Home Sweet Home

Gidget: Hey Duke! This new house is the awesomest!
Duke: It sure is Gidget!
Gidget: It's WAY bigger than our last house....
Duke: I don't think our last house was really a house. Didn't
you notice it had wheels?
Gidget: And the couch is back! And our big comfy bed is
back! And our recliners are back!
Duke: You're forgetting the bestest part Gidget. The yard
here is like 100 times bigger than the yard
we had at the house on wheels!
Gidget: Oh yeah! We have way more room to poop now.
Duke: Yep and we can bark at all the people that walk by.
And I can patrol around and mark my territory.
Gidget: I love our new home. Now if we can just get The
Crazy Man Who Used To Live Next Door
to move in next to us it would be perfect!
Duke: You need professional help Gidget....

Thursday, October 08, 2009

Moving Time.......Again

Gidget: Hey Duke, what's with all the boxes?
Duke: Uh oh, I think we might be moving....again!
Gidget: Really? Do you think we're moving back to Lake Stevens?
Duke: I sure hope not! I don't think I could take
another 6 day car ride!
Gidget: Well do you at least think The Crazy Man Who Lives
Next Door will be our neighbor again?
Duke: Get over it Gidget.......