Thursday, April 30, 2009

The Couch

Gidget: Hey Duke. Are you awake?
Duke: z z z z z z z z z z z
Gidget: Hey Duke! Wake up!
Duke: OK, OK, I'm awake already. What's so important
that you gotta wake me from my nap time?
I'm only on my 18th hour today you know!
Gidget: Sorry about that. But I was wondering.....
Duke: Here we go again.....
Gidget: Hey be nice. I was wondering if our couch
was ever coming back. Do you think it will come back
someday Duke?
Duke: I don't know Gidget. If it does great. If it
doesn't, just be thankful we have these little
doggy beds to sleep in.
Gidget: These little doggy beds suck.
I miss the couch.
Duke: Just shut up and go to sleep Gidget.

Gidget: Hey Duke, I forgot to tell you, If anybody asks
about my knee, you can tell them it is all better now.
The Doc said I don't need surgery after all, and I
can run around like a puppy again!
Duke: That's great Gidget. I'll be sure and do that.
Gidget: And.......I REALLY miss the couch Duke.....
Duke: Goodnight Gidget............

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

More Changes

Gidget: I don't know Duke. I don't think things have
changed all that much.
Duke: Oh c'mon Gidget. You're kidding yourself. Things
are way different around here. Especially since...
....."The Incident".
Gidget: You said we wouldn't talk about that anymore.
Duke: Oh yeah. Sorry, I forgot.......
Gidget: Don't even bring it up anymore please.
Duke: OK, OK, I'm sorry. But besides that, think
about how different things are around here.
Gidget: I try not to.......
Duke: Remember the couch we used to spend all
of our time napping on?
Gidget: I love that couch......
Duke: Well you may have noticed it isn't here anymore.
And what about the giant TV that we used to bark at.
Gidget: Oh yeah. Good times.....
Duke: Yeah, well those good times are over cuz
that TV is gone!
Gidget: I think I saw it at "The Crazy Man Who
Lives Next Door's house.
Duke: And what about "The Gate"?
Gidget: Oh, I HATE "The Gate". It keeps us locked
in the family room when new people are here!
Duke: Yeah well, you don't have to hate it anymore.
It's gone now too.
Gidget: Hooray! That's a good change!
Duke: Is it Gidget? Is there such a thing as a
"Good Change"?.......

Monday, April 27, 2009


Gidget: I don't get it Duke. I don't remember us going anywhere.
Duke: That's because we didn't actually go anywhere
either. We just haven't been around.....
Gidget: You're confusing me.....
Duke: Well that doesn't take much.
Gidget: Don't be mean.
Duke: Sorry about that. But I think you know what
I'm talking about.
Gidget: No. Don't say it......
Duke: Thing's are different now....
Gidget: Nooooo. Please don't say it...
Duke: Our life has......Changed.
Gidget: Why Duke? Why did you have to say it?
I don't like change!
Duke: Believe me Gidget, nodoggy likes change.....

Saturday, April 25, 2009


Gidget: Hey, where did everybody go?
Duke: They didn't go anywhere. They've
been here all
along. We're the ones who've been gone.
Gidget: Well where have we been?
Duke: Thats a long story Gidget.....