Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Saying Goodbye To The Crazy Man Part 2

Gidget: Hey Duke, what are we gonna do without The
Crazy Man living next to us?
Duke: I don't know Gidget. Maybe we will move next
to somebody who is just as cool as The Crazy Man.
Gidget: As cool as The Crazy Man? That's not possible!
Duke: You never know. Stranger things have happened.
Gidget: There you go with those stupid sayings again.
Duke: Hey I'm just trying to cheer you up sis....
Gidget: Whatever dude. Just leave me alone. I'm
gonna go write the Crazy Man a letter.

Dear The Crazy Man Who Used To Live Next Door and
his Crazy Family (AKA Jim, Jessica, Jordan, and Bubba),

We are really gonna miss you guys. We will never forget
all the great times we had together. We hope you can
come visit us when we get to wherever we are going.
Thanks for being such a great friend and neighbor.

Love, Gidget

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Saying Goodbye To The Crazy Man Part 1

Gidget: Hey Duke, I just had a really scary thought.
Duke: What was that Gidget?
Gidget: Well you know how alot of our stuff is at The Crazy
Man Who Lives Next Door's house? That makes
me think that maybe he wont be moving with us.
Duke: Hmmm. I hadn't thought about that, but you might
just be onto something Gidget.
Gidget: Thats going to be horrible!....
Duke: We're going to have to change his name now....
Gidget: I absolutely LOVE living next to The Crazy Man...
Duke: He's gonna be The Crazy Man Who Lives Far Far Away now.
Gidget: Hey! You're not paying attention. I said I love
The Crazy Man Who Lives Next Door. Look
here's a picture of me with him....

Gidget: Hey, you're in that picture too Duke! I thought you
didn't like The Crazy Man.
Duke: I never said that. I just said he was a shady character.
The truth is I'm gonna miss him too. He does
give the best butt scratches.
Gidget: Maybe we could talk him into coming with us.
Duke: Well maybe. But just remember, he would probably
bring his crazy cats with him too.
Gidget: Oh no. I don't want him to bring his cats. But I do
want him to bring Jessica, Jordan, and Bubba, AKA The
Crazy Ladies and The Crazy Boy Next Door. Look,
here's a picture of me with Jessica and Bubba....

Duke: Cute picture Gidget.
Gidget: I know.....

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Happy Birthday Duke

We interrupt things once again for another
important announcement.

Happy 6th Birthday Duke!

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Destination Unknown

Gidget: Hey Duke, I really love this house. Do you think
we could talk Mom & Dad out of selling it?
Duke: I doubt it Gidget.....
Gidget: But I was thinking, now that we know they're not
aliens, maybe we could reason with them.
Duke: Look around Gidget. All of our stuff is either gone
or packed in boxes. I'd say we're moving and
there is nothing that we can do about it.
Gidget: But this house has new paint and carpeting.
I would think that would make Mom & Dad
want to stay here.
Duke: I'm pretty sure they had that stuff done to make
it easier to sell the house.
Gidget: Oh. Well where do you think we are moving to?
Duke: I've been wondering about that too. I think the
biggest clue to where we are going is that
Mom & Dad don't have jobs anymore.
That makes me think we are moving
to somewhere far, far away.
Gidget: Well I hope it's not too hot there. I don't like
the heat. Or too cold. I don't like the cold
either. Oh and I hope it doesn't rain too
much. I really hate the rain....
Duke: It's a good thing you are not very high
maintenance Gidget....

Saturday, June 06, 2009

Correction: For Sale

Duke: Hey Gidget, you sleeping?
Gidget: Are you kidding? I haven't slept since I found
out there's a chance I could get skinned
alive at any moment!
Duke: Oh yeah, I've been meaning to tell you something
about that. You know how the beagle kinda
barks with that southern drawl?
Gidget: Yeah.....
Duke: Well I may have misunderstood him. I think the
sign out front actually says "for sale".
Gidget: Whoa! Really? You mean I don't have to worry
about getting skinned alive anymore?
Duke: Nope. But you do have to worry about where we
are going to live after they sell this house.
Gidget: Oh yeah. I love this house! Almost as much as
I love my fur. Why do you think alien
mom & dad are making us move?
Duke: That's the other thing. I'm not so sure they are
aliens anymore. But I figured out a way we
can test them and find out for sure.
Gidget: How do we do that?
Duke: The next time dad wears shorts, you
"accidentally" scratch him on the leg.
Gidget: Why do I want to scratch him?
Duke: We need to see what color his blood is. If it's
red, he is probably human. But if it's green,
he is probably an alien!
Gidget: Wow! You sure are smart Duke....
Duke: Or it could be a toxic flesh eating acid.....
Gidget: Uhmmm......
Duke: If his blood eats through your skin, then we'll
know that he is definitely an alien!
Gidget: I think I have a problem with your plan dude....

Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Fur Sale

Duke: Are you sure you want to see this Gidget?
Gidget: No, I'm not sure. But I do want to know what's up
with all the weirdness around here lately, so you
might as well show me.
Duke: OK then, here goes. Look out the window.
Gidget: Where? I don't see anything....
Duke: You see that sign in the front yard?
Gidget: Oh yeah, that wasn't there before. What's it say?
Duke: It says........
Gidget: Hey wait a minute. You can't read.
Duke: True, but the Beagle who lives two houses down
can. He told me what it says.
Gidget: OK then, what's it say??
Duke: It says..........Fur Sale!
Gidget: Nooooooo! Alien mom & dad are fur traders?
Duke: Apparently. And I'd bet it's Pug furs
they are dealing in!
Gidget: Pug furs! Why do you think that?
Duke: You see any other kind of furs around here?
Gidget: Good Point. That sucks! I love my fur and
I would really like to keep it!
Duke: Your fur is really soft. Probably worth
a lot of money....
Gidget: Yeah I bet it is. Well at least it will grow back
eventually. Gonna be pretty cold in the winter though.
Duke: Uhmm Gidget, I think I need to explain to you
just exactly how this works.....