Tuesday, May 26, 2009


Gidget: Hey Duke, if mom & dad are now aliens, what do
you think happened to the real Mom & Dad?
Duke: I don't know Gidget, I'm still trying to figure that out.
Gidget: Well what do you think they're doing here?
Duke: I'm not real sure about that either, but I have an idea.
Gidget: Well what is it?
Duke: I think they might be here to make money.
Gidget: Huh? You think they're capitalist aliens?
Duke: Remember a while back when they took a bunch
of our stuff and put it out in the driveway?
Gidget: I sure do. We got locked inside all weekend.
Duke: It turns out they were selling that stuff for money.
Gidget: Really? They were selling our stuff?
Duke: Yep. And then I saw something else.......
Gidget: What? What else did you see?
Duke: It was........very disturbing.....
Gidget: More disturbing than aliens stealing our
existence? More disturbing than Rocky The Bird
suddenly disappearing? More disturbing than The
Crazy Man Who Lives Next Door stealing all our stuff?
Duke: Yes Gidget, it's more disturbing
than all of that.
Gidget: OK. Well maybe I don't want
to know about it then.....

Thursday, May 21, 2009


Gidget: Hey Duke, did you see the comment that
The Crazy Man Who Lives Next Door left?
Duke: Yep Gidget, I sure did.
Gidget: Well I'm starting to think you might be right.
Maybe The Crazy Man did have something to do with
...........The Incident.
Duke: I told you so. But I don't think he could have
been working alone. He is not that smart.
Gidget: You think he had help? From who?
Duke: I'm starting to suspect our Humans are the
brains behind this whole operation.
Gidget: You mean Mom & Dad? Why do you think
they had something to do with it?
Duke: Because something is just not right with them.
They have been acting very strange lately.
Gidget: What do you mean?
Duke: Well do you remember how they used to
leave in the morning, be gone all day, then come
home at night?
Gidget: I sure do. We would jump all over them
when they got home.
Duke: Well have you noticed that they don't leave
in the morning anymore? They are here all day now.
And when they do leave, it's only for a short while.
Gidget: Well I like that they are here more often now.
Duke: I would like it too. If I was sure that they are
really Mom & Dad.
Gidget: You don't think they are really Mom & Dad?
Well who could they be?
Duke: I think they might be..........Aliens!
Gidget: Whoa! Really? You mean like, from Mexico?

Saturday, May 16, 2009

.......The Incident

Gidget : Hey Duke, do you think we will ever get
our existences back?
Duke : I don't know Gidget, but I sure hope so.
Gidget : Well where do you think they went?
Duke : Who knows Gidget? All I know is that we
went to The Crazy Man Who Lives Next Door's house
for a couple days, and when we got back, they were gone.
Gidget : Well maybe we just misplaced them.....
Duke : If they were misplaced we would have found
them by now. I have searched everywhere and there
is no sign that we ever lived here. All our smells are
gone. The pee stain in the corner vanished. The
scratches on the wall next to the door disappeared.
Everything in this house is different.
Gidget : Our little doggy beds were still here.
Duke: But that's about the only thing that didn't
change. Everything else did. And then, things
started getting REALLY weird.....

Gidget : That sure is a weird picture of us.
Duke : I know. It's supposed to add to the whole
mystery thing.
Gidget : Well it's freakin' me out dude!

Friday, May 15, 2009

Happy Birthday Gidget

We interrupt our regularly scheduled (but somewhat confusing)
storyline for this important announcement.

Happy 7th Birthday Gidget!

Monday, May 11, 2009

Innocence LOST

Gidget: I don't know Duke. I can't imagine The Crazy Man
Who Lives Next Door having anything to do with......
......"The Incident".
Duke: I don't know either Gidget, but he seems like a pretty
shady character if you ask me.
Gidget: No way dude. And if he did have something to do
with it he must have had a really good reason.
Duke: Do you even remember ........"The Incident" Gidget?
How could there possibly be a good reason for that?
Gidget: Well maybe I don't totally remember it.....
Duke: How could you forget about the day that our entire
existence was erased?
Gidget: Oh yeah I remember now. I hate having my
existence erased........

Wednesday, May 06, 2009

The Swing

Gidget: Do you think we might disappear someday Duke?
Duke: You never know. Stranger things have happened.
Gidget: Oh really? Like what?
Duke: Oh never mind. It's just an expression. But don't
you think it's weird how many little "trips" we have been
taking? To Grandma's house, to The Crazy Man Who Lives
Next Door's house......
Gidget: Oh I love going to The Crazy Man Who Lives Next
Door's house......
Duke: And when we get back, things are different.....
Gidget: I said I LOVE going to The Crazy Man Who Lives
Next Door's house.....
Duke: And what about how often we are getting locked
outside now. New people are always coming over and
we get thrown into the backyard......
Gidget: Didn't you hear me? I said I LOVE going to
The Crazy Man Who Lives Next Door's house.
Look, here's a picture of me there.

Gidget: That's me with Michael.
AKA Bubba.
AKA The Crazy Boy Who Lives Next Door.
Duke: Cute Picture. Hey that swing you guys are sitting
on looks familiar.....
Gidget: Yeah, we do look cute together.....
Duke: The swing. I'd swear it is the same one that used
to be in our backyard......
Gidget: Do you think it moved to The Crazy Man's house
during ......."The Incident"....?
Duke: I don't know Gidget. Perhaps a better question
might be did "The Crazy Man Who Lives Next Door"
have something to do with......."The Incident"?.....

Sunday, May 03, 2009

Bye Bye Birdy

Gidget: I don't know Duke. Other than the couch being gone, you
still don't have me convinced that all these
changes are such a bad thing.
Duke: OK, maybe you're right. Maybe they aren't such
a bad thing after all. Hey have you talked to Rocky the
male/female bird lately?
Gidget: No I haven't. Why do you ask?
Duke: Just curious. Have you heard him/her
squawking lately?
Gidget: No come to think of it I haven't. Actually
that's been kinda nice. What's your point?
Duke: My point is, Rocky the Bird doesn't live
here anymore.
Gidget: No way! Are you sure?
Duke: Yep. I've been in his/her room, and there is
no sign that Rocky the Bird was ever in there.
No cage. No seeds scattered around. Nothing.
Gidget: Wow. That's crazy. Where do you think
he/she went?
Duke: That's just it Gidget. Where could he/she
have gone. And so quickly. One second he/she was
chirping away, and then "poof". Vanished into thin air.....
Gidget: Do you think Rocky the Bird disappeared during......
...."The Incident"?
Duke: I don't know Gidget. What do you think?.....