Tuesday, August 26, 2008


We feel that this blog hasn't had enough Duke & Gidget
lately. Therefore, we proudly present us.

Pug Hugs ~ Duke & Gidget

Tuesday, August 12, 2008


Hi everydoggy, Gidget here. It's been a pretty exciting couple
of weeks here at the Duke and Gidget household. It all started
the weekend before last when The Crazy Man Who Lives Next
Door invited us over for a backyard fire. We just love the
Crazy Man, so we were very excited to go.

Our old pal Kahlua was there, so we spent some time catching
up with her. And we also made a new friend. Her name is
Jessica, but from now on we are going to be calling her
The (somewhat) Crazy Lady Who Lives Next Door. That's
right, The Crazy Man finally got hooked up. We are very
happy for him, but I must admit I am just a little bit
jealous. I always thought The Crazy Man was sweet on me.

So anyways, I was sniffing around The Crazy Man's deck,
just minding my own business, when suddenly I looked up
and realized that just on the other side of the glass door
was a cat! I had never seen a cat in person before, but I
have seen some on TV. So needless to say, I went ballistic,
barking up a storm and scratching at the door. When Duke
heard all the commotion he came running up and joined me.
The cat just sat there and hissed at us. I don't know why
he did that, I just wanted to play with it. I suspect Duke had
more devious plans though.

So as if that wasn't enough excitement for one pug, a
couple days later we were taking a walk around the
neighborhood, and I saw another cat! I was just walking
up the sidewalk, and he came out from behind a recycling
bin. We were nose to nose. And this time there was no
glass door to separate us. I think he was just as shocked
as I was. We both just stood there for a couple seconds
looking at each other, but then the cat must have realized
what was going on, cuz he took off running. I tried to run
after him, but unfortunately I was on a leash. So I didn't
get very far. And the funniest part about it was that Duke
never even saw the cat. It all happened so fast that he
never even realized what happened. When I told him
about it later, he said the cat was lucky he didn't see it.
Personally, I think the cat could take him.

So anyways, that is what we have been up to lately.
Sniffin' butts and chasing cats. Yep, it is definitely as
much fun as it sounds!

Pug Hugs ~ Gidget

P.S. We would also like to extend a big, warm
Duke & Gidget greeting to our new neighbor,
The (somewhat) Crazy Lady Who Lives Next Door,
and her Crazy cats. Welcome to the neighborhood!