Saturday, June 28, 2008

Catching Up

Hi everydoggy, Gidget here. First I want to say thanks for all
the kind words everydoggy left me about all of my health
problems. And thanks for all the awesome "welcome back's"
that we got. That sure made us feel good. And a special
thanks to our best buddy Winston for the awesome
post he put up about us. You totally rock dude!

Some of you have asked how my knee is doing. A few month's
back it was giving me some problems, and the doctor said
they would probably have to operate on my patella. Well I'm
happy to report that it hasn't given me any trouble in a long,
long time. So we have decided to just put that off indefinitely.
That sounds like a great idea to me. The last thing I want is
more surgery, especially after the last one I had. Apparently
my heart rate dropped really low, and they had to in-too-bait
me. I'm not real sure what that means, but it scared Mom and
Dad quite a bit. But then again, they do scare pretty easily.

In other news, we are pretty sure the video we sent in to
"America's Funniest Home Videos" has not aired yet. They
said they would contact us before it aired, and we never
did hear from them. But we did hear that next year
they are going to be doing a special show devoted
to pugs, so we are hoping to be included. But even if
we aren't that sure sounds like a fun show to watch!

And now, we are off to the vet yet again. But this time, it's for
a good reason. We have to get caught up on all our shots so
that we can go to Doggy Haven for a few days next month.
Mom and Dad are going to someplace called "Lost Wages
Nevada". Apparently there is a a giant pit there that you can
throw all of your money in to. Sounds like fun. But not as much
fun as we are going to have at Doggy Haven. WOO HOO, we
can't wait! It sure is good to be healthy for a change!

Pug Hugs ~ Gidget

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Hey! We're Still Here!

Wow. That sure was a long nap.

Uhmmm, hi everydoggy. Duke here. We're real sorry if anybody has
been worried about us. Cuz we are just fine. Well, mostly fine, but I'll
get to that later.

We've pretty much just been hanging out on the couch, getting
some much needed R&R.

We even spent some time hanging out on The Crazy Man Who
Lives Next Door's daughter. Her name is Jordan. We love playing
with her almost as much as we love sleeping on her.

Oh, and we both had birthdays! I turned 5, and Gidget is now 6!
She's going to be needing some doggy Geritol real soon.

Unfortunately, we have had a few health problems since we last
talked to everydoggy. But what do you expect, we're pugs. Mine
wasn't that big of a deal. I just had an infection in one of my face
folds, and I had to wear a cone for a week.

Gidget, on the other hand, has not been so fortunate. First she
got an infection in one of her anal glands, and her butt swelled
up like a big red tomato. They had to do emergency surgery on
it. I told Mom & Dad that they should make her wear a cone on
her butt, but they wouldn't go for it.

Right about the time her booty got all healed up, Dad noticed
a bump on her left shoulder. It was right in the same area where
she had a tumor removed a couple of years ago, so off to the Vet
she went again. Sure enough, it was another tumor, so poor
Gidgey had to be operated on again. This is what she looked
like right after the surgery.

And this is what she looked like two weeks later after she had
her stitches removed.

A couple weeks after that, she looked much better, and she
was starting to get a little stir crazy, so Mom & Dad decided
she was well enough to go for a walk.

When we got back from the walk, we noticed that she was
limping a little bit. Sure enough, she had a big chunk taken
out of one of her paw pads. So then she looked like this.

And now, finally, her paw is all healed up and she is doing
much better. And we have even been able to play outside
and enjoy the nice weather we have been having.

So in a nutshell, that's pretty much what we have been up to.
Again, we're real sorry that it has been so long since our last
post, but it is not our fault. We are blaming it all on The Crazy
Man Who Lives Next Door. He kidnapped us and held us for
ransom. And that's our story and we're sticking to it!

Duke Out