Sunday, April 11, 2010

The Boulder

This is a picture of the kidney stone that was removed from
Gidget on Wednesday. That is a regular size bic lighter next
to it. The stone is kinda flat. About the same thickness as the
lighter. Gidget weighs 20 pounds. Her bladder can't be much
bigger than that stone. Can you imagine how that must have
felt? The poor girl thought that she constantly had to pee. I
have no idea how she was able to sleep through the night
feeling like that. But somehow she did.

Gidget, you are quite the trooper. Now hurry up
and get better so we can play again!

Duke out

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Kidney Boulders

Hi everydoggy, Duke here.
Well, my poor sister Gidget was back at the vet again.
Apparently, she somehow got rocks in her belly and she
had to have them removed. Mom says they are called
kidney stones, but based on the one they brought home,
I would call them kidney boulders. This thing was huge!
It was almost as big as Gidgey's head! Well, maybe not,
but it was about the size of a fifty cent piece. I have no
idea how that little girl got something so big in her belly!

I really wish Gidget would stop getting sick all the time.
I was freaked out while she was gone. I kept looking
everywhere for her. I could smell her, but I couldn't find
her. I had nodoggy to cuddle with, nodoggy to play with,
nodoggy to bark with. It was horrible! Why would she go
away and leave me all alone? That Gidget sure is selfish!

Now she is home and resting comfortably in her own bed.
Unfortunately, she can't run around or play with me for
two weeks! That's like 4 years in dog time. Or something
like that. Whatever it is, it's way too long. Hurry up and
get better Gidget. And take off those darn diapers.
It's embarrassing.....

Duke out